Our product range includes steadily up to 1.000 different items.

In our product range you can find :

- Trendy fashion and classic jewelry- / Scarf-Assortment on Display

- Ladies and gentlemen scarf assortments in various grades and

Designs hanging on display or loose packing

- Children's Accessories assortments on different Display

- Reading glasses and sunglasses assortment hanging on display or lose packing

- Hair fashion assortments in different model

- Supjetcs assortments of jewelry and accessories on display like

Fan Articles, Christmas assortment,  Halloweenassortment, Valentine's Day-Assortment,

  Oktoberfest-Assortment, Mother-Days-Assortment and much more.

- Perfume series (with matching Dispaly and LED lighting)

Street Looks, Realtime, Omerta, Linn Young, Georges Mezotti

- Basic and fashionable winter collection

- Hats, purses, bags, belts, shoes, socks ...

Since our creative constantly with new ideas and concepts to enrich our product range, it is always worth to look around on our website. 

With a password, you can log in to our site and start a virtual tour of our showroom and order directly online.

Need individual advice? Then please contact our sales team.

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