About us

SerPaCo GmbH & Co. KG - Wholesale
for fashion accessories, trend articles and perfume


We import our goods mainly from Asian countries. Carefully selected trading partners produce our goods on our behalf. Through our office in the Far East and supervisory in the factories, is the prodcution at all times controlled and monitored. In addition, the product is tested in laboratories and certifies the marketability. In addition to our product range, we offer a variety of services. So we create custom-made for your company with a complete concept, which involves the collection creation, packaging design and presentation.


We offer quality at market-based low cost. Through years of cooperation with our supplier network and consistent purchasing policy we reach a price that is out of competition.

Trust and reliability

Looking back at our 25 years of trading experience and long-standing cooperation with many distributors, we know that to strengthen their confidence in us by our reliability.

Timely delivery, fast processing and a service-oriented contact with our employees is a matter of course for us. Arrange an appointment with us in Alsdorf or start, after logging in, a virtual tour.

We welcome you to a successful collaboration!
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